KiT 80Sun 27 Sept @ 15.05

There was lots of interest generated by the two sets of updated words to 'We plough the fields and scatter' which we enjoyed at each of our Harvest Services this morning.  If you would like to enjoy them again then please click on the names of the talented wordsmiths - at 9am Sheena Evans and at 10.30 Ian Davies.

KiT 80Sat 26 Sept @ 16.15

Tomorrow in both our services we will be thinking about Joseph interpreting Pharaoh's dreams.  If the children would like some Activity Sheets to help occupy them during the service, then HERE they are.

Although we are celebrating Harvest - please do not bring along any gifts - you are invited to make donations online - see our front page.

KiT 80Mon 21 Sept @ 16.16

Happy St Matthew's Day!

The church was consecrated 145 years ago today.  Let's celebrate! 

KiT 80Thurs 17 Sept @ 20.47

This Sunday we are thinking about Joseph and his encounter with the Cupbearer and the baker.  You can find the story in Genesis 40.  HERE are the Activity Sheets and here are the links to the 9am and 10.30am service streams. 

This Sunday a short service of Holy Communion will follow the 10.30am service. 

KiT 80Wed 16 Sept @ 18.13

Our APCM and Annual meeting of Parishioners will be held on Sunday 25 October.  Accordingly here is the Notice of the revision of our Electoral Roll.  It is displayed in church as required.

This is what else you need to know:

The Electoral Roll will be revised starting on 30 Sept.  If you would like to be added to it please find a form at the back of church or HERE and complete it and return to church by Saturday 10 Oct – you can bring it to church or post it through the Vicarage letter box.  If in doubt please speak to Judith Jones our electoral roll officer or Helen. 
We will also be looking to elect new Deanery Synod Reps and new PCC members along with two church wardens.  Deanery Synod meets about three times across the year and is the first rung of the Church’s decision making structure above our own PCC.  Our church has three or four reps on Deanery Synod  and this year we need to vote people in for a three year term of office.  Deanery Synod Reps are automatically members of the PCC too. 
PCC members are elected for a three year term of office.  They assist the wardens and Helen in running the church and take responsibility on committees dealing with fabric, finance, discipleship, comms and others. 
We will be also be appointing new Churchwardens for the coming year.  With Pauline Keane having resigned after doing way more than her agreed term of office we are fortunate to have both Mike and Jackie willing to stand.  But that doesn’t stop anyone else who would like to as well. 
If you might be interested in standing  for any of these posts then, again, please speak with Helen or a warden.


KiT 80Thurs 10 Sept @ 17.34

HERE are our Activity Sheets for children for this Sunday's 10.30am service.  There will be some in church if you are coming along or print them from here to do at home.  We are thinking together about the story of Joseph and Potiphar.  You can find the story in Genesis chapter 39.

Here too are the Facebook links to our services this coming Sunday at 9am and 10.30am 
KiT 80Thurs 3 Sept @ 20.44

From this Sunday we will be following a sermon series at our 10.30 entitled 'Joseph and his amazing  . . . overcoat'!
To help the children who are in church or worshipping online we are providing some activity sheets each week.

HERE are the ones for this week.  They are aimed for different age groups  . . . .

Thurs 3 Sept @ 19.25

This coming Sunday will be the first when we will both live-stream and have a congregation in church for each of our services.  

HERE is the link to the 9am service 

HERE is the link to the 10.30am service.

There will not be a service of Holy Communion following the 10.30am service this Sunday so you may wish to join the 9am service either live or watch it later.  The next Holy Communion service after the 10.30am service with be on Sunday 20 September and continuing on the third Sunday of each month.


Thurs 3 Sept @ 19.15

The funeral service of Michael Kennett took place on Friday, 28 August, click HERE to view.  If you would like to follow the Order of Service please click here.

KiT 80 Tues 1 Sept @ 09.37

A cartoon to start off your month well . . . 

200901 sticks DAve W

and a reminder of the new arrangements for Sunday worship from this coming Sunday, 6 September: 

With the lifting of certain restrictions recently and following the results of the church survey which guided the discussions of our PCC, we are pleased to announce that as from Sunday 6 September we are changing various aspects of our worship pattern.

We will continue our 9am service of Holy Communion and gradually introduce some music into the service.  Congregational singing is still not allowed but we will ring the changes over the weeks with a hymn,  an Anthem from the Choir or some organ playing.  It is hoped that this service will start to be live-streamed thus continuing access to a service of Holy Communion each week for those who prefer not to attend church.  The service will be available to be viewed live at 9am or any time after that.  There will not be any words displayed on the screen - it will be quite a minimalist stream and you may wish to follow the service here.  

We will welcome a congregation into the 10.30am service from Sunday 6 September.  We will continue to live stream the service and all song/hymn words and responses will appear on the screen.  Observing social distancing, the Band will be back too.  We will not hold Children's Groups for the time being so the service will be an All-Age one to be more accessible to the children both in church and watching at home.  It should continue to last about 45 minutes.  We will also have Activity Sheets available based on the service theme each week. 

We do not envisage needing to ticket this service but if we are oversubscribed we will have to re-consider this and ask for your forbearance if on any Sunday you are not let in.

After the service there will be a Zoom Call for any children who want to join in - to catch up on news and talk about the Activity Sheets or anything else they want to discuss!  We are currently putting out a survey to all the children to obtain their views on church and what else we might do for them.  The response will shape what we offer in the future.

If there is a feeling that a Zoom call for adults after the 10.30 service would be appreciated then we will need a volunteer to set this up since Helen will be involved in the call with the children.  If you would like to be on a call and if you are willing to host it (perhaps on a rota) - even better - then please let Helen know.   

On just the third Sunday in the month we will have a short service of Holy Communion after the 10.30am service which will be live-streamed.  That will allow those attending in person to receive communion monthly and on other Sundays the 9am streamed service should be available to those at home.  

For the time being the Church building will not be open during the week but Daily Worship online will continue and can be found here.  This will mean that the church will not be open on a Wednesday as it has been recently.

We hope these new arrangements will allow more people to access worship in the way most suited to them but please be aware the changes may need to be made at short notice if the situation changes.

Please continue to wear your face masks for worship and do not attend church if you have any symptoms of the virus.

Helen Hancock, 29/08/2020