Community Groups

Our community groups are open to anyone in the local community.

SMArties  Embroidery Group – Thursday mornings
Our weekly craft group specialises in producing wonderful embroidery for the church  but it is also a very friendly group of those who like to knit, sew, crochet but most importantly chat, encourage each other, celebrate with and care for one another.   It operates most Thursday mornings from about 10am -11.30am and you can drop in for some of the time, if that suits you.  If you need encouragement to finish an old craft project or ideas to start a new one, this could be the group for you.   

Currently the groups are working on decorating the kneelers used in church but they have recently finished a wonderful new banner based on Psalm 23.   If you would prefer to 'do your own thing' when you're there, that is fine.  Or if you would like to contribute to a project but work on it in your own time from home  - again that is fine! 

A project hopefully to come soon is working with some of the children from St Matthew's School.  This is to decorate the altar cloths for the altar donated to the school by the church using some of the children's designs and handiwork.  The altar is used for the school's acts of Collective Worship.

If you would like to know more about this group contact Gill Davies through the Parish Office.
Soup Lunch 
For over 20 years St Matthew's has served a soup lunch on the first Friday of each month.   This has now come to an end but we are grateful to all the soup makers and eaters over the years, for all the money raised for charity and for the friendship which it offered to our community.   
Young Mum’s group – Various sessions during term time
We meet in term time for children of pre-school age with a mixture of morning and afternoon sessions to fit in with the children’s routines.  The sessions are very relaxed and informal and are usually held in the Crèche Room at Church. It gives us the opportunity to get together in the week and catch up while the children play.  We particularly hope to be able to support any new mums who come along.  

The session finishes with a prayer reflecting  and requests and our earlier discussions of concerns or needs. 

We all keep in touch via a What’sApp Group so even mums who have returned to work can still feel involved.  We also meet up occasionally for socials in the evening. 

If you would like to know more, contact Jen Houghton (07792 242710) who leads the group.