St Matthew’s Primary School  

We have a close and supportive relationship with our linked church school, St Matthew’s Primary School. We are delighted to welcome the school for their end of term and festival services and for the church to be used for their Nativity plays and other educational visits.

191009 SMS Harvest Festival

The church’s involvement also comes through its representatives on the school’s Governing Body and in the ways in which the whole church and congregation members individually support the school and the children’s learning.  

Rev Helen Hancock, who is a Governor, is also Chair of the Faith Team and regularly takes Collective Worship at the school, enjoying her many visits there.

School Welcome Sunday
This takes place in the early summer during one of our regular 10.45am services.  All families with children starting Reception in the following September are invited.  It is a great way to introduce new families into our school/church community.  The children try out Scramblers (our group for 3 - 5 year olds) and enjoy meeting those with whom they will be in class in September. 
The School's Christian Distinctiveness
The school’s vision of being a place which provides an inclusive environment where all children learn and flourish in a setting shaped by Christian Values is one which the church endorses and helps to further, where it can.  

Take a look at this leaflet

After looked after children, those with a special medical or social need and siblings St Matthew’s Primary School Admissions  Policy gives some priority to children who worship regularly with a family member at St Matthew’s Church, St George’s Church Tolworth or at a church which is a member of Churches Together in Surbiton.  ‘Regular’ is defined as at least once a fortnight for two years on average.  

Since the School is heavily oversubscribed it is important that this criteria is applied accurately, fairly and honestly. In order to monitor ‘regular attendance’ at our 10.45am service, a Register is taken at both Crèche and Scramblers and it is this information which is relied upon in assessing whether the criteria has been met. So if you are in church one Sunday but don’t take your children to their group then please ensure you have a word with the group Leader at the end of the session so your attendance can be noted.

Don’t worry about this when we have joint services at 10am. Separate arrangements apply at our 9am service as well. 
To see the school’s Admission Policy in full and for an explanation of the process please visit the School website