Music at St Matthew's  

Craftsman’s art and music’s measure
for Thy pleasure all combine.                     
Francis Pott (1832-1909)

Music forms an integral part of the worship at St Matthew’s. While St Augustine’s famous saying “He who sings prays twice” is true, worship is sometimes understood nowadays in terms solely of music, particularly in more contemporary evangelical settings.  At St Matthew’s our worship is a combination of elements which combine to praise God in word, music and silence.
The robed choir at the earlier Sunday morning service helps to lead and encourage the congregational singing, and the anthem normally sung during Communion provides a worshipful accompaniment to the thoughts of the congregation as they receive the bread and wine.
StM CR:© Terry CrippsAt the second service the music is often more lively, especially during the Action Song. The accompaniment from the band suits the more contemporary songs in this service, though there is still the occasional traditional hymn on the organ.
St Matthew’s is blessed with a good number of very talented singers and instrumentalists and their regular contribution is very much appreciated. New singers and players are always welcome however!
Concerts and recitals are also part of our musical life, and although there isn’t at present a regular series there are several concerts each year, advertised well in advance.
Covid-19 has put paid to the our concerts for the time being but we hope to re-establish regular musical events as soon as we can .