KiT 80Sat 29 May @ 15.39
The perspective from one in our congregation. . .

One year ago... 

9 minutes and 29 seconds.
Captured on video - and gone viral.
A shocking video for those who could manage to watch only some, if not all, of the uniformed execution of a fellow human being.
George Floyd was thrown to the ground and mercilessly choked to death. A black man killed by a white police officer. Despite his pleas to breathe, the pressure remained firm. His life did not matter. His life was taken from him.

A video, for those that know, actually shows nothing new. Sheer brutality and an abuse of invested power. An abuse of duty. An abuse of trust.
This video shocked America. It went on to shock the world. It came bang in the middle of a pandemic and to a News machine wearied with Covid - Trump - Covid - Trump - Covid - disparities - Trump.
It was captured by a young person - and consumed by many people. Many, young people. Whatever people thought of it all, be they right wing or left, racist - not sure - not, allied - not sure - not, murdered - not sure - not, defund them – don’t, red or not, the new hot topic was racism.

The talk..
Are we racist?  Police reform?  Are people hated just because they are black? Racially motivated murders, racial injustice, black trauma, News headlines on racial disparities, Can it get like that over here? indifference - am I part of the problem?

The action..
Global 'Black Lives Matter' protests against racism and police brutality.
Mass gatherings of folk of all walks, walking peacefully shoulder to shoulder.
People increasing their awareness of the social issues of those that they were linking arms with.
Taking the knee. Solidarity against racial injustice and support inclusion and diversity.
The sentencing of Derek Chauvin, and new police oversight and reform laws.

One year on..
Expected and natural dampening of the initial feeling towards the incident.
Shockingly several hundred further killings of black americans by the police, but more muted protests. This has slowed the momentum.
A backlash from the right on calling out systematic racism and a decline in support for Black Lives Matter.
Frustration at the seemingly slow pace of change, but positive momentum from the younger folk holding the baton and demanding change.

Is with those who Champion change - every little bit helps. (Any tiny contribution to a cause, collection or undertaking is useful.)
Is with those who Foster a greater understanding of how deeply embedded race and racism actually is in all of our institutions, and proudly rectify it. Just do it - it's ok.
Is with those who help increase in the number of people engaged in the quest for racial justice.
Is spread with those more insightful and participative people getting together in the struggle for equality. "The amount of work required to solve the 'race problem' appears overwhelmimg"- but this should not deter initiatives and alliances.
Is with those who keep the momentum going; keeping up a commitment for change.
Is with the UK. Change for equality for all will actually strengthen all of our institutions. Our identity will be one consistent with our faith and one of unequalled strength.


KiT 80Tues 18 May @ 16.23

Don't forget our new Community Cafe in partnership with Balance CIO starts tomorrow  - more details are HERE
KiT 80Tues 18 May @ 15.12

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the Christian Aid Week Appeal HERE is the full story 

2105 CAW 2

KiT 80Sat 15 @ 17.20

To join the 'Thy Kingdom Come' Zoom Prayer Meetings at 7pm for 20 minutes each evening Fri 14 - Sat 22 May the details are HERE

ZOOM ID: 140 942 378

KiT 80Tues 11 @ 11.07 

Members of our school community are doing a litter pick this Saturday - why not join them?

210511 school litter pick


KiT 80Mon 10 @ 11.24

Thy Kingdom Come the global prayer initiative runs between Ascension and Pentecost, so starts this Thursday (13 -23 May).  

On each evening 14 – 22 May there will be a Zoom Prayer meeting from 7 – 7.20pm across THiS Team.
We will be focusing on prayer for the ‘hidden’ church in countries where the Christian faith cannot be openly practised.

Why not join one of these prayer times, just 20 minutes long - the Zoom Meeting details are as
follows: ZOOM ID: 140 942 378 PASSWORD: tkc


KiT 80 Mon 10 @ 10.54

210810 HH CAW
Day One of the sponsored walk went well for Christian Aid Week. Thanks to companions today Victor and Malcolm. To find out more and to sponsor all of the clergy taking part please visit HERE


KiT 80Sun 9 May @ 14.45

Christian Aid Week starts tomorrow - please support Helen and the other local clergy walking for Christian Aid HERE

Water makes the world go round

KiT 80Tues 4 May @ 09.22

We are having a Gift Day this coming Sunday 9 May - please read the letter HERE.


KiT 80 Sat 1 May @ 15.05 
flowers  2Definition and Marks of a bereavement friendly church 

A bereavement friendly church could be defined as….

“A church/church group where the effects of bereavement and the journey of grief are understood and alleviated, so that bereaved people in their communities are helped to navigate their difficulties and come to a place of meaning and hope.”

The 12 marks of a Bereavement Friendly Church

1. Bereavement awareness training being encouraged and/or provided for the church community;
2. Understanding encouraged across the church community of what it is helpful to say or not say to the bereaved.
3. A carefully selected and trained bereavement support team appointed with special, but not exclusive, responsibility for bereavement care;
4. A carefully selected and trained bereavement church lead appointed to supervise those supporting the bereaved and represent bereavement needs in church decision making processes;
5. Faith questioning expected and appropriately supported when people are bereaved;
6. Suffering affirmed within the church community as a legitimate Christian experience;
7. Care being taken to ensure theological messages are helpful for the bereaved; 
8. A realistic approach to healing conveyed and ‘good deaths’ prepared for;
9. Signposting to bereavement support services made available to all people connecting with the church;
10. Special activities provided for the bereaved to support the grief journey and for remembrance;
11. All aspects of church life reviewed for welcome to and impact on the bereaved;
12. Provision within the church for those who are mourning to find respite, comfort and peace;


KiT 80Notices you still need from April

Christian Aid Week runs this year between Mon 10 -  Sun 16 May. 

Find out more HERE

To highlight the plight of those across the world who do not have ready access to clean water, six local clergy will be walking between their churches on each of the six days (Monday - Saturday) carrying two buckets of water.  The route is a bit over 4.5 miles and including Helen and St Matthew's makes it a much longer walk!!!

210429 CAW walk route

Please think about sponsoring this initiative HERE.

Also if you would like to accompany Helen on one of these walks (or part of one), then please do get in touch with her.  We can agree a mutually convenient time for any particular day.   

On Sat 15 May we will be finishing the initiative in Clarence St at 12/12.30pm - do come along and support Christian Aid - more details again from Helen.

We are having a Gift Day on Sunday 9 May - please read the letter HERE to tell you more about it.  

Also thank you to all who joined our Annual Parishioners' Meeting and our APCM on Sunday 25 April.  You can find all the documents referred to on our Noticeboard page HERE.


Here is an extract from an email we have received from the School Project team

'In January 2021 we sent you details about a four-week representation period/survey on the continuing plans to establish Kingston CofE Secondary School. We remain very grateful for the feedback, contributions and completed surveys then - and please be assured that any feedback you did submit during that period has informed the ongoing plans to establish the secondary school.  

As a result of certain feedback sent to the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames in regard to the four-week representation period that was facilitated in January and February 2021, a new representation period is being held, commencing: Friday 23rd April, 2021.  

Both supportive feedback and any objections can now be (re)submitted direct to the local authority/Kingston Council. Please (re)submit your letter/emails of support by Friday 21 May to Kingston Council via Mr Matthew Paul ( – Associate Director for School Place Planning for Kingston. Correspondence should be denoted: ‘Response to Proposed Kingston C of E Secondary School’. 

There will not be an on-line survey this time or further public e-meetings as all the information about the secondary school has been shared to date and none of the details have changed. 

Further detail and an ability to once again review the Statutory Proposal can be viewed at:  

I sincerely apologise for any time that it might take to resubmit your original feedback. You may wish to refresh or supplement your original feedback of course – feedback that needs to be made direct to Kingston Council via the email address above. '