KiT 80Thurs 30 Apr@ 08.33

In our worship today we think of Jesus' prayer on Maundy Thursday for unity, community and a celebration of the sacraments.  Listen HERE

We prayed for: 
Southborough Nursing Home
Woodbury Care Home

KiT 80Wed 29 Apr @ 08.38

Today's Daily Worship focuses on the Holy Spirit in our lives.  Listen HERE

Also we pray for
Royal Star & Garter

KiT 80Tues 28 Apr @ 08.36

In today's Daily Worship we think about Peace not only as an absence of war but through God reconciling himself to us through the incarnation - Jesus coming to earth. Listen HERE 

We pray for the Nursing and Care Homes in the Parish and especially today:
Langley Court

KiT 80Mon 27 Apr @ 15.42

Here you can watch again the videos which were used in our 'NOT the APCM' service yesterday:

Gill's poem

2019 Highlights

'St Matthew's is my church because . . . .  '

Mon 27 Apr @ 8.41

This Week our Daily Worship will be Celtic in form.  On Monday we think about Creation and being co-creators with God.  Find it HERE
We are praying for Care Homes in the Parish so prayed for:
Bourne House
Hamilton NH

KiT 80Sun 26 April @ 15.53

Click HERE if you would like to hear our 'NOT the APCM' Service live-streamed this morning.  

200426 Peter Holmes

It was announced this morning that Rev Peter Holmes of St Peter's Norbiton (vicar there since 1993) and the Joel Community died last night from Covid-19.   His wife, Carol and their four adult children are in our prayers.  Peter was due to retire in the summer after many years of faithful service, in which he especially reached out to those most in need.   His last words to his family were: ‘Love God, love each other, run for Jesus’.
May he rest in peace and rise in glory.

Some of you may have heard on the Sunday programme this morning a 'letter' written by a Christian doctor, based upon his experience in ICU and the Stevie Wonder song 'I just called to say I love you'.  The resonance between what the doctor describes and some aspects of the last few weeks of Peter's life seem striking.  It's not an easy read but you can find it HERE


KiT 80Sat 25 April @ 15.40 

If you or anyone you know would like to do some sewing or have materials which could be used, then Sewing for Kingston part of the Surbiton Coronavirus Community Response Group may be for you.  Click HERE to find out more

Sat 25 April @ 09.13

Today's Daily Worship is HERE as we think of God an ourselves  in Eternity.
Apologies for delay in posting - very slow internet and a bit of a lie in! 

KiT 80

Friday's Daily Act of Worship is HERE - we think about 'Protection' 

KiT 80Thurs 23 April @12.21

For some local news why not check out the latest edition of Surbiton's very own Good Life.  The May edition is only available online and Simon (our Director of Music) is the, perhaps unlikely, Page 3 pin up! 

Also if you were wondering about one of the many dilemmas faced by the Vicar at the moment . . . .

200423 Dave Walker backgrounds

Thurs 23 April @08.27

Today's Daily Worship is HERE

In our final day of praying for roads in the Parish we prayed for 
Woodlands Road and Copse Glade
Worthington Road

KiT 80Wed 22 April @ 08.39

Find today's Daily Worship HERE

We prayed for:
Vale Road South
Vale Road North

Please remember about looking at the Annual Report before Sunday and ideally please send Helen a very quick video (easiest on WhatsApp, if you do that) saying what was your church highlight from 2019 (another good reason to read the Report !) or finish the sentence 'St Matthew's is my church because . . . '  Just a few words from your household would be great - thanks.

KiT 80Tues 21 April @ 11.53

If you are interested in doing a little but of studying here is a link to a new 6 week online retreat course given by St Augustine's.

You may also enjoy reading Ian Davis' prayers from Sunday again . . .

And finally for the time being, Nigel Palmer has recommended a video (it's about 30 minutes long) which he describes as the best video he's seen, explaining the impact of Covid-19 on third world countries. It will make you realise how life is so different in Africa and how a lock-down may be completely the wrong solution there. Some of the statistics about infant mortality are particularly eye-watering (tears falling . . .).  He also writes 'Out of interest, where Heather is in Malawi, the 21-day lock-down due to start this weekend, has been stopped by the Malawi high court. So it will be very interesting to see what approach Malawi and other neighbouring countries will take'  Click HERE  for the video.  We continue to keep Heather and the charity African Vision Malawi in our prayers.  

Tues 21 April @ 08.29

Daily Worship is HERE as we sit at Jesus' feet with Mary and consider 'Beginnings'

Please remember in your prayers today the roads in our Parish:
Tolworth Park Road
Tolworth Road
Upper Brighton Road 


KiT 80Mon 20 April @ 14.52

Next Sunday's service will include mention of our Annual Report and Accounts for 2019 since under other circumstances it would have been our Annual Parochial Church Meeting.  We do not know when we will be able to hold that meeting but before everything gets too distant it would be great if you could have a read through of the Annual Report and Accounts.  They are still 'DRAFT' since they have not been approved by the PCC but we do not expect any significant revision, since all PCC members have had the opportunity to comment.  The PCC are hoping to meet via Zoom next week.

If you have any questions on what you have read please email Jen Houghton our PCC Secretary at

Find them here - click on Annual Report and Annual Accounts 

Monday 20 April @ 08.34

Each day this week in our Act of Worship we are taking time to reflect on a different theme.  This morning it is 'Morning'.  Find it here.

We prayed for the roads in the Parish:
Thornhill Road
Thornhill Avenue with Culsac Road
Sunningdale and  Waterside 

KiT 80Sunday 19 April @ 15.07 

If you would like to hear again this Sunday's service Click here and join the service about 16 minutes in. 

Sunday 19 April @ 12.35

For those who may have lost the sound on the third part of Carolyn's sermon or who would like to consider her word for us at more length here are her notes.

We will perhaps all have heard the terrible news concerning the increase of domestic abuse at this time.  Here is some guidance from the church centrally.  Let us keep all those affected in our prayers.  

Almighty God, we pray for all victims of abuse.
We ask you to surround them with Your care and protect them by Your loving might and permit them to enjoy health and healing, wholeness and strength, calm and peace and love.
We hold before you abusers and pray that their actions will be challenged and they will be stopped.
Most of all, we pray that all those locked in cycles of abuse may feel Your presence and be confident in You.
In Jesus’ name.   Amen


KiT 80Friday 17 April  

Here are the links for our Daily Act of Worship for both Friday and tomorrow, Saturday.  

On Friday we pray for: 
St Thomas Close
Sylvan Gardens
Tankerton Road
Do remember that on Sunday a short service of Holy Communion will follow the All-Age worship which starts at 10.30am


Helen Hancock, 16/04/2020