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KiT 80Tues 31 Mar @ 12.05

Roads included in prayer this morning were:

Bond Road    
Broomfield Road
Chamberlain Way

and should have included Birchington Road which will be prayed for tomorrow - apologies! 

Here is a cartoon from the fantastic Dave Walker - do check out his website for more www.cartoon - so many truths expressed in a way which amuses and challenges.

200331 Dave Walker wherer the

31 Mar @ 09.21

Today for Daily Worship we follow Jesus as he is betrayed by Judas and arrested. 


KiT 80Mon 30 Mar @ 17.20

Responses for our Daily Worship in Passiontide:

We adore you O Christ and we bless you,
All: because by your holy cross you have redeemed the world.

And towards the end: 

Holy God, 
holy and strong
holy and immortal
have mercy upon us. 


30 Mar @ 16.58

If you regularly use the Prayer Calendar in InforMatt to pray for the congregation, the Parish and beyond and would like the Calendar for April then please email Brenda Tyrrell at  for one.  If you don't already use it, you could start now! 

Sorry, thought we had posted these but if Week 2 of Home Schooling feels rather daunting take comfort in the fact that the holidays are nearly upon us and here is some helpful advice:

200330 tips for home educating

200330 tips for home educating

30 Mar @ 09.26

For the next fortnight during Passiontide we will be  'Walking the Way of the Cross' as we journey with Jesus through the Biblical Stations of the Cross.  

Today we are with Jesus in the agony of the garden of Gethsemane

KiT 80Sun 29 Mar@ 16.35

There will be some for whom going without Holy Communion on Sundays will be difficult.  This prayer may help:

O Lord Jesus Christ,
since I cannot now receive Thee sacramentally,
I humbly pray Thee that Thou wouldest come spiritually to my soul.
Come, Lord Jesus, come and cleanse me, heal me, strengthen me and unite me to Thyself, now and for evermore.


 29 Mar @ 13.14

and you can listen again (!) or for the first time here
Suggest you fast forward through the first 9.30 minutes which is just waiting . . . ! 
Thanks To Jess, Sophie, Daniel Jen and Pete for a great Bible reading and thanks so much for all your comments of support and appreciation - TOGETHER we are CHURCH! 


KiTSun 29 Mar @ 09.41

Should be live in our service in just under 50 minutes - this is what the broadcast studio looks like! 

Click  HERE 

IMG 20200329 094528153

KiT28 Mar @ 09.24 

Daily Worship for today 

Please join our live streamed service tomorrow at 10.30am.

Either click here or join us through Facebook.  If you use the link here you DO NOT need a Facebook account.


KiT27 Mar @ 08.26

Daily Worship for today and something to help you think about staying well in all sense of the word.

KiT26 Mar @ 16.30


This is the link to our live-streamed service on Sunday at 10.30.

All you need to do is click here.  You do no need a Facebook account or understand anything about it! 


Apologies that Daily Worship was late today - technical issues again - but it is here now.

In the meantime thank the Lord for THiS Team.  Yesterday clergy had a good call together to work out what we could offer across the Team.  
200326 THiS Team
On Sunday we are planning that St Paul's provides a 9.30am Eucharistic service - find it at St Paul's Facebook page (St Paul's Church Hook) or on their website. 

There will be a live-streamed St Matthew's 10.30am all age service - more details to follow about access.  

At 11am St George's will have a short interactive service for children.  If you are interested in that please email Helen since you will need to be invited to Microsoft Team to take part.

St Paul's are also running a nightly Evening Prayer at 8pm - access too from their Facebook page.



KiT25 Mar @ 09.29
Daily Worship for today
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A bumper posting today along with our new 'Keeping in touch' logo.

Another comment from a congregation member which says it all:

This is all so surreal. Thank God I'm a Christian! I can't imagine trying to cope with this without Christ at my side. 

And then some pictures to cheer us up and inspire us.  Thank you to the Houghton children - any other budding artists out there?




and Jess's 



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Daily worship for today

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The first of our Daily Worship  videos - it was meant to be out this morning but technical difficulties conspired against us . . . more tomorrow and hopefully on Facebook too.
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Happy Mothering Sunday 

This is what we did last year in church together - why not try it again this year, apart but together  . . . 

Stand up if you are a mum . . .dad . . . . brother or sister . . . . uncle or aunt. . . . cousin . . . neighbour . . . friend . . . Stay standing up if you have ever helped to care for someone. . .  if you have ever shown love to someone, nurtured them, shown someone a kindness.   In that case I suggest that you have all taken part in mothering someone else – in encouraging and reaching out and helping and loving them.  And that is what we celebrate today.  Now, sit down if you are prepared to continue to do that . . . .

God bless, 200322 daffodil

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Rev Helen Hancock speaks on the God of yesterday, today and forever . . . 
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We have put together some resources on worship for adults and children - take a look here

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Tomorrow we had planned for the Children's Choir to sing a song for all mums.  Gill Davies kindly wrote some special words to the 'The Greatest Showman' hit tune 'This is me'. 

Why not download the words and turn up the karaoke version of the tune loud and sing away tomorrow!  You'll have to download the PowerPoint first and then the song and it's quite tricky to fit the words to the music but it does work! 

200321 this is me
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200321 ABC Mothering Sunday 20

Lots of resources coming your way today about worshipping on Mothering Sunday particularly the BBC Sunday Service led by the Archbishop of Canterbury and also a creative idea for worshipping with children tomorrow.  Please keep checking back to see what is new - there will be a further worship resources document later today with lots of ideas for children.


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There is clearly much pain and anxiety in our world but this gives us a different perspective.  It won't be everyone's experience and not all the time but here is a message received from someone in our congregation earlier this week: 

As you know, my relationship with my faith is always up and down. I wanted to share with you that during this time, I’m feeling a strong connection and finding comfort in “God’s plan”. Having spurts of anxiety is often followed with a calmness and the positives to come of this awful situation. The canals are flowing in Venice, the fish have returned, I haven’t spotted an airplane in the sky and I keep thinking about the rest nature is getting at this time. And I find myself praying more. Which also feels easier. 

Anyway, nothing really poignant to say, just wanted to share something positive.


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Thanks to Jen for sharing this:

Larua Kelly Fanucci

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This is where we will be posting information and resources for this difficult time for us all. 

The Church of England website will give you all sorts of information and assistance - why not check it out.

We are in the process of seeking  to set up groups for pastoral support across our two congregations.  More details to follow soon.

One person's take on the current situation:   


A prayer for us all:
Loving God,
Bless us all, particularly now.
Particularly when we are comforting others
Particularly when we are offering hope
Particularly when people are isolated
Particularly when we feel overwhelmed ourselves
Particularly when we are afraid.
Help us to remember that you are right here, now, in the midst of us
Calling us by name.