Children in our Services

StM-30 CR:2

Children are welcome at all our services although the 10.45am service is more geared for them.   We all enjoy a time of worship together and then the children go off to their groups after the  Action Song.
Children and Holy Communion
In line with many Anglican churches we welcome children (from about the age of 8) in taking the bread and wine of Holy Communion. To prepare them for this we offer a six-week course which the children enjoy attending so that they feel confident and informed about Communion and what it signifies. Those who do not want to, perhaps because they don't feel ready, (along with other children and any adults) are welcome to receive a blessing.

At our 10.45am service we usually celebrate Holy Communion on the third Sunday of each month. The children who have been admitted to receive Communion re-join the service and take the bread and wine. The rest of the children and young people come to receive a blessing and to show the congregation what they have been doing in their groups.
Since children are welcome to receive Holy Communion, the age at which they might consider Confirmation might be later than in some other churches. We would expect a young person from perhaps around of the age of about 15 might want to explore confirmation but there are no hard and fast rules.

Please speak to Rev Helen Hancock if you would like to know more.

Children’s choir
Children can express themselves in worship in so many different ways but one great way is to do it through music. So, at several points across the year, our children form a choir to sing at a particular service or event. They regularly perform the most popular item at our Service of Carols by Candlelight and delight the congregation on Mothering Sunday.

If your child is interested then please do get in touch with Simon Hancock, our Director of Music.