Our vision - Seven Whole Days  

Seven whole daysSeven Whole Days is our St Matthew’s Vision.  We have a 7-day-a-week God who is generous and loving to all, so we are seeking to be 7-day-a-week Christians who are equipped to serve Christ in our community.  

We are developing our church building but also building ourselves up in faith.

The Vision was inspired by a line of a hymn by the famous 17th century poet and Anglican priest George Herbert: 

‘Seven Whole Days, not one in seven, I will praise thee.’ 

What we have been doing:

For highlights of the working out of our Vision so far, do take a look here.

May ‘16 launch of Vision 

Sept ‘16 Gift Day raising over £50,000 to install much-needed heating in the church

2016–2018 Action weeks in which various groups from the church took turns to encourage us to live out our calling in a different way each month.

June 2017 launch of TSP project

Oct ‘17 our first AwayDay together

Sept ‘18 Community Fun Day in Fishponds Park

Oct ‘18 an AwayWeekend attended by about 50 people

Jan ‘19 second phase of heating installation

Apr ’19 construction work began on TSP project

Oct '19 second AwayDay held at a local school within the Parish 

Oct '21 third AwayDay proposed