KiT 80Thurs 26 Nov @ 13.05 

201126 DWalker

Think he must have been trying to watch our service last week!!

This week with the squirrel damage repaired we are streaming our 10.30am service through YouTube and Facebook .

Here are the links:

for YouTube HERE

for Facebook HERE

It will also be our last '20MinutestoPraiseGod' this Sunday at 9.30am.  HERE is the YouTube link and HERE are the Activity Sheets.

Next Sunday we will return to our pre-second lockdown pattern of services with a service of Holy Communion at 9am and worship with something for everyone (including Children's groups) at 10.30am. 

KiT 80Thurs  19 Nov @ 10.01

This Sunday we are experimenting (in preparation for our Christmas services) by streaming both services through YouTube.  This will mean that the link below will take you straight to our YouTube channel.  The BIG advantage is that if you have a Smart TV you will be able to watch the service on that.  The disadvantage is that you won't be able to message through Facebook, we think (unless you can message through the Facebook Event link - only time will tell . . .)  You can message through YouTube but if you are watching on a Smart TV you will need to do it on another device (phone, tablet or computer).  But please don't let that slight complication stop you - it would still be great to hear from you and build the online community! 

We would welcome any feedback about this switch over - whether it is better or worse for you - please email Helen.  Your feedback will help dictate what we do in the future so it is important to hear from you.

Link to 9.30am '20MinutestoPraiseGod' HERE 

Link to 10.30am Holy Communion Service HERE 

Activity Sheet for this week's '20MinutestoPraiseGod' are HERE

KiT 80Wed 18 Nov @ 12.15 

201118 Prayer for the nation

This second lockdown has been designated a time of prayer by our Archbishops.  We are invited to pray together at 6pm and can find resources HERE with different daily prayer themes across the week.    

KiT 80Thurs 12 Nov @ 18.27

HERE is the link to this coming Sunday's '20MinutestoPraiseGod' at 9.30am

HERE is the link to Sunday's 10.30am Service of Holy Communion in which we think about our Seven Whole Days Vision, the pandemic and evil with our guest preacher Janice Price who is an ordinand on placement with us during November and December.

HERE is the link to the Activity Sheets linked to 20MinutestoPraiseGod 

KiT 80Tues 10 Nov @ 11.41

201110 Coping Calender - 30 ac

KiT 80Sun 8 Nov @ 16.05

 A twitter post HERE from the Church of England showing a video of Imogen Whitehead (nee Hancock) playing the Last Post in St Martin's in the Fields Church last week for the Church of England's worship today.  We heard the same recording in our service this morning.  When you click on to it, the sound is muted - you'll have to turn up the volume to hear it. 

201108 Imogen last post

KiT 80Sun 8 Nov @ 15.53

This is what '20MinutestoPraiseGod'  looked like from the other side of the camera at rehearsal last night - what a lot of wires, but what fun we had this morning! 

201108 20MtPG

KiT 80Sat 7 Nov @ 15.39 

Tomorrow will be the first of our new service patterns for lockdown.

At 9.30am we have '20MinutestoPraiseGod'  click HERE for the link.  There are also some Activity Sheets HERE to follow up the theme, if anyone would like.  We are experimenting by streaming this through YouTube rather than Facebook.  This means that many people will be able to watch it on their TVs which make it easier.  You will also be able to join in the Live Chat! 

Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel HERE.

201107 youtube

At 10.30am we will have a service of Holy Communion during which we will observe the 2 minutes silence for Remembrance.  Click HERE for the link.

2 mins


KiT 80Thurs 5 Nov @ 07.57

Please read the letter from Helen HERE about the arrangements for services and private prayer in church during the second lockdown.

KiT 80Wed 4 Nov @ 19.41

Something to make you smile . . . 201029 DW online

KiT 80Mon 2 Nov @ 15.00

Please remember our ZoomAwayMorning and let Helen or the Parish Office know if you can come and to get joining details.  

201022 ZoomAwayMorning