KiT 80Thurs 13 Aug @ 14.57

HERE is the link to our live streamed service this coming Sunday, 16 Aug when we will hear Chika Ripley tell us 'Why I am a Christian'.  chalice

We are planning to live stream the service from the church for the first time
but there will be NO congregation present, so please don't turn up hoping to get in. 

Our 9am Service of Holy Communion in church is open to all.  

Thurs 13 Aug @ 14.53

200813 DW first back

KiT 80Sun 9 Aug @ 14.31

As promised here are the words of the Creed we said this morning in our 10.30 am service.

We are held in the hollow of God’s hand,
loved children of the universe,
born from the life which flows from God,
freed to the fullness of God’s creation with all its beauty and variety.

We are all worth dying for in Christ Jesus, 
all called to risen life in Christ’s rising.
The way of Jesus gives us footprints for our following
and all our trials and longings are known in the frailty of his walking with us.

We are called to new things in the Spirit,
in the hope that stirs in unlikely moments,
the home we find in the wasteland of our wanderings,
the warmth that we touch in the coldness of our need
and the opening of our hearts to adventures in belonging
or the gathering in of those without a home. 
Source unknown

KiT 80Sat 8 Aug @ 14.29 

HERE is the link to our live streamed service tomorrow at 10.30am.

Also a prayer to say as you put on your face mask:
Lord God,
I am doing this out of love for others;
in your mercy, protect us all I pray.


KiT 80Wed 5 Aug @ 15.03 

200805 Nigel

Those of us who attended 'Prayer During the Day' today were treated to a wonderful piano recital afterwards by Nigel Palmer.  Next week after the 11.45am short service those who want are invited to bring a picnic so we can eat together (but socially distanced) in the church garden!  Chairs can be provided but bring all you need for the picnic, including your own drinks please! 


KiT 80Sun 2 Aug @ 17.28

If your appetite has been whetted over the last few months for a bit of gentle study and a deeper expedition into Scripture, Church history, the Church of England, Mission and much more the Bishop's Certificate might be for you.  Learning will be online at least until Christmas and possibly for the whole year.  Have a look here to find out more or there are people across the Team who would be happy to speak with you about it.

Sun 2 Aug @ 16.10

It was good to be back in church today - thanks to everyone who came and were so helpful in observing social distancing.  It looked a bit like this . . . . 

200802 Dave Walker masks

Please remember that from tomorrow our services of Daily Worship will not be uploaded to the website but will be available from our THiS Team YouTube Channel.  Joyful Noise will only be available through WhatsApp and will only appear on Mondays and Tuesdays.  If you don't already receive our Joyful Noise and would like to in future, then please let Helen know.   

KiT 80 Sat 1 Aug @ 08.24

Today we are 'journeying' on our Daily Worship HERE and our Joyful Noise 

Please remember if you are coming to our 9am Holy Communion Service tomorrow that you will need to wear a face covering, observe social distancing and please do not attend if you have any Covid symptoms.  

Helen Hancock, 01/08/2020