KiT 80Tues 30 June @ 08.34

Today we concentrate on the Daily Psalm, Psalm 73 and seek 'relief from our rich oppressors' HERE as we also pray for Ravenscar Road, Red Lion Road and Rickards Close.  Our Joyful Noise


KiT 80Mon 29 June @ 11.30

200629 no chatting

On Sunday 12 July (not this coming Sunday but the one after!) there will be no live streamed service.  Instead there will be a short recorded THiS Team service, which will be led by Rev Carolyn Lucas and available from the website or Facebook. 

But it would also be great if as KiT Groups you might think of some new way to be church together.  Why not meet for a walk, or a sit down in Fishponds or elsewhere, if some of your group are happy to go out. . .  Or you could meet in a garden  to pray together - perhaps calling up others of your group who are staying at home. . . Or you could meet online and have a Zoom cup of coffee together . . .  Or you could all agree that you will pray in your own homes for one another at a set time - perhaps even having shared prayer requests before . . . Or that you will all call one other person at the same time . . . Or you will experience silence together, where you are, at a fixed time . . . There are so many different ways in which we can express being church together and this gives you the opportunity for just one Sunday to try something new! 

Get talking now in your groups and decide what you might do.  If it's a good idea, you might share it with the other groups who may want to do the same.

Please always maintain the new appropriate social distancing rules in whatever it is that you decide to do.  

Mon 29 June @ 11.20

200629 EAPPI

Those of us from the church who went on the pilgrimage to the Holy Land coming up for 5 years ago now were introduced to (and some were able to see at close hand) the work of EAPPI - the 'Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel'.  It is an international, ecumenical programme set up by the World Council of Churches which recruits and maintains observers to monitor the human rights situation between the Palestinian inhabitants and the Israeli military on the ground and to at as an international presence there.  to find out more of their work and the situation do click HERE.

Mon 29 June @ 08.31

This week we follow an abridged form of Common Worship Morning Prayer for our Daily Worship once again and today we also celebrate St Peter - find it HERE.  We prayed for the parish roads of Malcolm Drive including Redwood Walk, Malvern Road and Mayfair Close and our Joyful Noise

KiT 80Sun 28 June @ 15.43

Following our service this morning here are some resources:

If you would like to be better informed, for a detailed and scholarly view try this from Wikipedia or for some good background information check out a recent article from the BBC or for a different view looking more at some of the religious implications try HERE

Palestinian Solidarity Campaign website: On the homepage there is a link to their ‘Stop Annexation’ page, with suggestions for action including signing the statement, sharing it on social media etc., and (most important even though he is very supportive) writing to Ed Davey,  our local MP, so that he knows we support him.
Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Centre with the Sabeel Wave of Prayer, which is easy to subscribe to (at no cost) so that it arrives weekly in your email.

KiT 80Sat 27 June @ 14.47

Before we get involved in a new theme in the last of our sermon series 'Are you sitting comfortably?' tomorrow, a further couple of items on racism. 

200627 SJRC banner

HERE is a link to some very powerful prayers which inspired Rev Carolyn Lucas' prayers last Sunday. 

200627 CHannel 4

Also if you didn't catch the 3-part series on Channel 4 last Thursday entitled ' The School that tried to end racism' do take a look HERE (although you will need to register to watch).  Filmed before the pandemic and the murder of George Floyd it 'follows the first UK trial of a US programme aimed at educating pupils in unconscious racial bias'.  The first episode was a fascinating and emotional watch.

Finally, HERE is the link to our live-streamed service tomorrow, Sunday 28 June.

Sat 27 June @ 08.47

This morning we call again for justice and healing as we consider the words of Jesus to his disciples in our Daily Worship HERE.  We prayed for Kirkleas Road, Langley Avenue and Langley Road and our Joyful Noise.


KiT 80Friday 26 June 

In Daily Worship together HERE we pray for healing as we also pray for Hook Road, King Charles Road and Kingsdowne Road with Iris Close.  Our Joyful Noise

KiT 80Thurs 25 June @ 18.08

Opening for worship?

We are currently still digesting the government’s new directives on social distancing and awaiting the National Church’s guidance as well.  In the meantime we do not anticipate holding worship services in church before August at the very earliest.  We will keep everyone up to date with our plans, once we know them!  If you have thoughts or idea or suggestions about how we might go about all this – then please do get in touch with Helen, Pauline or Mike. 
No one is an expert in any of this!

Thurs 25 June @ 08.21

Today our prayers in our Daily Worship HERE once again call for justice and peace and we prayed for Graham Gardens, Hailsham Close and Herne Road. Our Joyful Noise with the lyrics HERE

KiT 80Wed 24 June @ 07.39

In our Daily Worship HERE today we remember John the Baptist and reflect upon Jesus as we commit ourselves to him.  We also prayed for Fullers Avenue, Fullers Way North and Gordon Road.  Our Joyful Noise 

KiT 80Tues 23 June @ 19.53

 Following on from our service on Sunday, please read below some extracts from members of our congregations who are people of colour responding to a request for their opinions on recent events following the death of George Floyd and on racism more generally. . .

" . . I remember my daughter  coming to me when she was in primary school saying someone said a rude name to her and  I remember telling her not to worry, if anyone says the rude word again tell them “I am black, proud and beautiful” and she felt better.  Schools need to say it again and again to pupils that they will not condone any racism."
" . . It’s no longer okay to be silent. For so long the rest of the world have used the excuse that they don’t know what to say to black people when these type of events are happening, as they do not want to offend. Staying silent implies a lack of concern which is very hurtful. If people do nothing else, they should speak out or reach out to any black person they know and ask if they are okay. It’s okay to say, I don’t know what to say but I am thinking of you and I hope you are okay."
". . . .  We need to stop and think about how we treat people from other races, how would we feel if it was the other way round?  We need to stop and think about the way we see other people, stop seeing the colour of the skin, instead see all humans as being just like you, we are all unique and different  but  formed in God's own image.   Prejudice is wrong, Racism in any form is wrong.  We should see a human first not the colour of the skin.   We are all equal in God's eyes, just uniquely different, unfortunately it will take some of us a very long time to acknowledge and accept that."
" . . I believe that when Jesus said “Such is the Kingdom of heaven” to children he was also probably referring to the fact they were untarnished by human prejudice in addition, of course, to having child-like trust in God. Little children are not racist.  Racism is not something we are born with. Little children will play with anyone irrespective of how they look.  Racism is not part of what God creates in us.  Racism is entirely man-made and therefore, much like many man-made problems (such as unequal distribution of the resources of the earth, not mentioning God due to “political correctness” and placing profit before people and the planet) it is abhorrent. 
 Unfortunately due to the sinful nature of mankind it would be foolish to think that anyone is totally free of at least some degree of racism or such discrimination. 
 I believe that there are always adverse consequences when sin prevails over God’s will.  I believe that the true consequence of racism is the inability of a society to give a chance for someone to reach their potential, professionally or socially.  When that happens, everyone suffers."
" . . Perhaps some questions we should ask ourselves as a church:
•          Does the clergy / PCC represent the diversity in the local borough?  (I know that this is often very difficult as its more about who comes forward for voluntary roles / applies for roles)
•          Are the materials being used in children’s groups  and on the screen in church showing diversity and black/brown faces?
•          Food banks and donations of food – Do we acknowledge enough that some of the recipients of these donations are likely to be financially disadvantaged and more likely to be ethnic minorities.
 . . . . And from the Sunday service itself and what Steve said:
"Affecting real behavioural change is not an easy thing to do. We thought to share the following suggestions:

- Actively try to expose ourselves to engagements outside our comfort zones. 

- Bravely let down our defences when communicating - we can find out as much about ourselves as we can about others in the attempt. This implies that we really try to listen, rather than try to explain away, or even excuse our behaviours. 

- Be open to how behaviours might possibly offend others – intentionally or otherwise – put yourself in the shoes of the other person. 
 -Speak freely - as opposed to ‘think before you speak’. Maybe ’Think before you speak’ raises a filter which can in itself act more as a barrier than anything else. Until we have proper uninhibited discussion, we can't know the problems let alone the answers. But we do need to express ourselves kindly as we rise to the challenge.

 -Acknowledge that we all discriminate! – an admittedly difficult starting point as this varies in degree, but can be ground-breaking if we truly want to initiate new unity and real change."

" We are grateful to God as he put lovely people in our path and that includes our church. We  feel part of one big loving  family." 

Other replies also referred to the welcome which they received and the inclusion which they appreciate at St Matthew's but that should not allow us to be complacent.  We need to remain vigilant and continue this conversation . . . .

Finally, you can find an interesting short video to watch HERE  . . .  This could easily be shared with children too.

Tues 23 June @ 15.30

Now isn't that a good sight! 

200623 Church open

Tues 23 June @ 07.51

Today we share in some liturgy for healing and read of the healing of the crippled woman HERE.  Our Joyful Noise 

KiT 80Mon 22 June @ 14.59

Some resources following our service yesterday on Racism will appear in the week.  In the meantime this resource has been recommended by a parent to help to begin explaining racism and associated issues to children of different ages.

Also the National Theatre is showing the Andrea Levy play 'Small Island' free on its YouTube channel.  This play embarks its audience on a journey from Jamaica to Britain, from the Second World War to 1948 – the year the HMT Empire Windrush docked at Tilbury. 

You can watch it until Thursday 25 June.  Take a look HERE.  


Mon 22 June @ 08.14

This week for Daily Worship we return to Iona liturgy as today we pray for peace and justice HERE.  We also pray for Egmont Ave with Inglewood Mews, Ellerton Road and Ewell Road.   Our Joyful Noise


KiT 80Sat 20 June @ 15.24

This morning along with the Churchwardens we have been making the church ready for being open for private prayer.  We are going to be open on Tuesday afternoon between 2 - 4 pm and on Saturday mornings 10-12 noon.   

We would be grateful for two volunteers to be present for each session - you may have received a request via Sign-up genius to help out.  If not please contact the Parish office at  In the light of the increased risk to health, no one over the age of 80 can volunteer and those between 70-80 should give careful consideration as to whether they should volunteer.   There is no age limit though on who may attend for private prayer! 

A few things to note . . .
- Please maintain social distancing at all times and be aware of others.  Do not come to church if you have any symptoms of Covid-19.

- Please avoid all physical contact and practice good hand washing/use the hand sanitiser provided.

- We are sorry that we cannot offer any refreshments at this time.

- We are recording all visits to the Church in case we need to contact you about infection control afterwards.
- Since the periods between the church being open exceeds 72 hours we are not deep cleaning the church between sessions.  However our volunteers will clean the pews after people have left and carry out periodic cleaning during the session.
-If you wish to make a donation, please place cash in the wall safe at the back of the church or make an online donation on our website at

Sat 20 June @ 08.40

We hear a wake up call today in our Daily Worship HERE but will we really hear it and respond?  Our Joyful Noise.  We prayed for Ditton Road, Douglas Road and Egmont Road 

HERE is the link to our live-streamed service this coming Sunday, 21 June at 10.30am.

KiT 80Friday 19 June

Daily worship HERE and our Joyful Noise.

HERE is the link to our live-streamed service this coming Sunday, 21 June at 10.30am.

KiT 80Thurs 18 June @ 15.49

In case you have ever wondered . . . .

200618 Mitres DW

and one of our Parishioners trying to do similar - guess who!

200618 guess who

Thurs 18 June @ 08.28

We are being warned to stay awake in our Daily Worship today HERE and our Joyful Noise.  We prayed for Cotterill Road, Dennan Road and Derby Road.

KiT 80Wed 17 June @ 08.27 

In today's Daily Worship we consider the lilies of the field HERE and our Joyful Noise.  We prayed for Broomfield Road, Chamberlain Way and Corkran Road.

KiT 80Tues 16 June @ 08.02

You can find today's Daily Worship HERE and our Joyful Noise.  We prayed for Beaconsfield Road
Birchington Road and Bond Road.


Helen Hancock, 15/06/2020