KiT 80Sun 31 May @ 12.49

For those who were not able to hear the entirety of William Allberry's talk this morning we apologise and HERE is a transcript of the talk.

The recording of our live streamed service can also be found HERE  You will need to go in at about 13 minutes for the start of the service but there's some soothing music beforehand . . 

KiT 80Sat 30 May @ 08.10

Our final Daily Worship in the Thy Kingdom Come series HERE and our Joyful Noise 

KiT 80Fri 29 May

We share in the Father's love in today's Daily Worship HERE and our Joyful Noise 

KiT 80Thurs 28 May @ 20.17

and another one from the Bishop of Kingston HERE

 Thurs 28 May @ 17.14

A Pentecost message from the Bishop of Southwark HERE 

Thurs 28 May @ 08.14

Nothing can separate us from God's love is the promise which we enjoy in Daily Worship HERE today and our Joyful Noise and the prayer from Peter Graystone: 

God of heaven and earth,
we rejoice that absolutely nothing can separate us from your love –
not the virus,
not our isolation,
not loneliness,
not our doubts,
not anxiety for the future,
not our closed churches.
Your love has blazed past our two metre rule,
and we adore you for it.  Amen.

KiT 80Wed 27 May @ 08.11

'Love is a verb' - Daily Worship for today HERE and our Joyful Noise 

KiT 80Tues 26 May @ 08.20 

'Let us love' in Thy Kingdom Come's Daily Worship  for today HERE and our Joyful Noise 

KiT 80Mon 25 May 

Today we consider the parable of the Lost Sheep in our Daily Worship HERE and this is our Joyful Noise 

KiT 80Sun 24 May @ 15.44

Here is the link to our service this morning.  Apologies for the bad and invisible picture quality at times.  You will need to start at about 12 minutes in and there will be a voice but a black screen at the beginning until the first hymn!


KiT 80Sat 23 May @ 11.06

A homily from Bishop Richard for this Sunday between Ascension and Pentecost

Sat 23 May @ 08.49

Our Daily Act of Worship is HERE and so is our Joyful Noise

KiT 80Fri 22 May

For the second day of 'Thy Kingdom Come' and our Daily Worship this Friday  we reflect on the nature of love - please click HERE
Here is our Joyful Noise 


KiT 80Thurs 21 May @ 15.06 

Today is Ascension Day - you can find our THiS Team Ascension Day Service of Holy Communion HERE.  The suggestion is that we might all listen to it together across THiS Team at 8.15pm after the Clap.

Thurs 21 May @ 08.39  

Today is Ascension Day and the beginning of Thy Kingdom Come.  Both are reflected in our Act of Worship today HERE and our Joyful Noise 

KiT 80Wed 20 May @ 08.21

Today is the third of three Rogation Days leading to Ascension Day tomorrow- find out more in our Daily Worship HERE

And here is our Joyful Noise 

KiT 80Tues 19 May @ 15.46

Also this THIS from Michael Hones on prayer. 
Tues 19 May @ 12.35

A few extra items of interest and worship:

HERE you can find the 'Call to Worship' which was used in the Daily Act of Worship last Friday in memory of Rev Peter Holmes, inviting all to the Feast.  

'Thy Kingdom Come' starts this Thursday - a reminder that you can follow it all on the App:

200519 TKC App
Tues 19 May @ 08.34

Today we celebrate with St Dunstan in our Daily Act of Worship HERE and this is our Joyful Noise

KiT 80Mon 18 May @ 08.45

Daily Worship for Monday is HERE and here's our Joyful Noise 

KiT 80Sun 17 May @ 15.05

Here is the link to our service this morning.  You will need to start at about 14 minutes in.

Do remember Thy Kingdom Come which is the global wave of prayer calling all Christians to pray between Ascension and Pentecost for more people to come to know the love and peace of Jesus Christ - May 21 –  May 31 2020. 

We are each encouraged to think of and then pray for 5 people who we would like to see come to Christ.  The focus this year is also around ‘Prayer and Care’ with practical action accompanying prayer for others.  Our THiS Team daily worship resources during this time will be based on material provided by TKC. 

There will be a daily TKC Zoom prayer meeting at 7pm from Friday 22 – Saturday 30 May for 20 minutes lead across the Team (more details to follow) and a Team Ascension Day Service of Holy Communion led by Rev William Allberry with Rev Carolyn Lucas preaching.  This will be available from the website on Thursday 21 May at 8.15pm.

For more details on all that there is to offer including many resources and a Family Adventure Prayer Map and game visit the TKC website HERE. It is full of good resources and encouragement.

200512 TKC


KiT 80 Sat 16 May @ 10.28

200516 Street Champs

Click HERE to see the map of local resident 'Street Champs' are who collecting food for local distribution.  There are some gaps in our Parish.   If you would like to nominate yourself as a Street Champ please contact Martel Atterbury by emailing or calling 07500 952 919.

Sat 16 May @ 08.43

In the last in this series of Daily Worship from the Iona Community we hear about Jesus calling his apostles.  Listen HERE 
We prayed for the businesses in the Parish and this is our Joyful Noise
Helen Hancock, 12/05/2020