KiT 80Thurs 16 April @ 18.56

Here is a link to the Bishop of Kingston's homily for the week.

Also here is a copy of a post from a Spanish nun who lives in an enclosed order.  She shares how to live in lock-down from her experience.

Thurs 16 April @ 08.26

In our Daily Act of Worship today, we meet Jesus on the beach along with some of his disciples.  Find it here

In our Parish we prayed for:
Southborough Close
Southborough Road
St Matthew’s Avenue


KiT 80Wed 15 April @ 08.30

This morning we look at Jesus’ post Resurrection as it is told in Matthew’s gospel.  Find Daily Worship HERE.
We prayed for
Ronelean Road
School Lane
Shrewsbury Close

Having yesterday prayed for:
Ravenscar Road
Red Lion Road
Rickards Close

On Sunday there will be a shortened service of Holy Communion following our 10.30 All-Age worship.


KiT 80Tues 14 April @ 16.29

We hope you like the Easter lilies which greeted you as you entered the site today.  We may not now have Easter lilies in church but we can have them on our website!  They will be there for the 50 days of the season of Easter - Alleluia!

For a moving piece from a medic about the Thursday night applause please read here

Finally here is a link to a short piece of handbell ringing from Sunday . . 

Tues 14  April @ 08.31

Today's Daily Worship 

KiT 80Easter Monday - Alleluia!  @ 09.50

This week we will worship together using the liturgy of the Iona Community.  Find it here.


KiT 80Easter Day - Alleluia! @ 14.13

If you are listening later in the day to this morning's service,  join at about 13 minutes in for the start of the service.  Click HERE and then 'fast forward'.  And a little more bell ringing in case you missed it this morning. 

And in case you missed the bell ringing this morning here is a picture - the download of the audio is not working today  but will try to put it up later in the week : (

200411 handbells compressed

Easter Day! @ 09.28

Find the link to our 10.30 Easter Sunday Morning service with Holy Communion HERE

Easter Day! @ 07.27

Jesus Christ is risen,  he is risen indeed, Alleluia!   Here is our final Daily Worship in 'Walking the Way of the Cross' as this Easter Sunday we find Jesus is risen from the dead, Alleluia!
KiT 80Holy Saturday @ 17.28

Not quite the bells we were hoping for to ring in Easter Sunday morning . . . but they'll have to do  . . . 

200411 handbells compressed
Holy Saturday @ 16.19

For a different sort of stations of the cross check this out.  Stations of the Cross for a global pandemic.

Holy Saturday @ 08.33

In our Daily Worship on this Holy Saturday we remember how  Jesus is laid in the tomb. Click here to continue Walking the Way of the Cross.
KiT 80Good Friday @ 16.00

A message here for Holy Week and Easter from Bishop Richard 

Good Friday @ 10.37

Good Friday - Three Hours at the Cross - a live-streamed time for reflection and meditation between 12 noon to 3pm - feel free to come and go as you choose.  There will be a short time of words and music on the hour and 20 and 40 minutes past the hour each hour.

Please especially remember in your prayers, amongst the many, the Rev Peter Holmes, Vicar of St Peter's Norbiton and Chairman of the Joel Community.   Here is a message from his son Tom


KiT 80Maundy Thursday @ 19.18

After we have clapped for the NHS and other essential workers at 8pm, click HERE to join our Holy Communion service led by Rev William Allberry at 8.15pm tonight.

Maundy Thursday @ 14.01

At 6pm tonight, Helen is leading a time for worship for the children for Maundy Thursday called 'Let's Eat Together'.  Do email her if you want the link to be able to access this with your children.

Finally for now, Spring Harvest is 'staying at home' this year with most of its events still happening on line.  

There will be talks, prayer, worship and things for the children - April 13 - 17.  Here's the timetable of events.  Check out there Video here  and take a look at their website at

Maundy Thursday @ 08.36

In our Daily Worship for Maundy Thursday walking the Biblical Stations of the Way of the Cross, we remember how  Jesus is crucified. Click here
This morning we prayed for the roads in the Parish:
Malcolm Drive including Redwood Walk
Malvern Road
Mayfair Close

KiT 80Wed 8 April @12.00

A little Biblical teaser for you this Wednesday lunchtime . . 

The names of sixteen books of the English Bible are hidden in the text of the following paragraph. Can you find all sixteen of them?

I once made a remark about the hidden books of the Bible. It was a fluke. Kept people looking so hard for facts and for others it was a revelation. Some were in a jam, especially since the names of the books were not capitalized. But the truth finally struck home to numbers of readers. To others, it was a real job. We want it to be a most fascinating few moments for you. Yes, there will be some really easy ones to spot. Others may require judges to help them. I will quickly admit it usually takes a minister to find one of them, and there will be loud lamentations when it is found. One little lady says she brews a cup of tea, so she can concentrate better. See how well you can compete. Relax now for there are really sixteen names of books of the Bible in this story.

Helen can let you have the answers if you email her.  


Wed 8 April @ 08.33

In our Daily Worship today, Wednesday, Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem as we walk the way of the Cross with him. Click here.
This morning we prayed for the roads in the Parish:
Kirkleas Road
Langley Avenue
Langley Road

KiT 80 Tues 7 Apr @ 13.10


Our services for Holy Week are as follows:

Our Daily Worship will continue each morning except on Good Friday

Maundy Thursday  - a children's service on Zoom at 6pm.  Contact Helen if you haven't had an invite and would like one.
At 8.15pm a recorded service of Holy Communion led by Rev William Allberry will be available on Facebook and from links on the website.

Good Friday - Three hours at the Cross between 12noon and 3pm when you are invited to spend sometime at the foot of the Cross in reflection and meditation.  This service will be live-streamed on Facebook (or available from the website).  There will be words and music on the hour and at 20 and 40 minutes after each hour.  Stay for as long or as little as you like.  

Easter Sunday morning including the celebration of Holy Communion - All-Age live streamed service at 10.30am - streamed on Facebook (or from links on the website).

Tues 7 Apr@ 08.28 

Daily Worship for today, Tuesday, is here.  Today, Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus to carry the cross as they  walk the way of the Cross together.

This morning we prayed for the roads in the Parish :
Hook Road
King Charles Road
Kingsdowne Road and Iris Close

Yesterday we prayed for: 
Gordon Road
Graham Gardens
Herne Road

KiT 80Mon 6 April @ 16.46

Some great ideas for Holy Week activities with children - thanks to Safiya Nyirongo from St George's for these.  

1. Holy Week poster, with daily bible readings, optional memory verse, and super simple craft 5 minutes with paper, scissors and crayons. 

2. Holy Week box. This is fun and helps provide tactile focus for daily scripture meditation. Easy to assemble with things around the house, paper and pencil. Can use a toy figure for Jesus (lego?) if you don’t have a peg doll.  Attached is a document with instructions and scriptures for convenience.

3. Church at Home by Minno Kids, about 25 minutes, new release each Sunday. 

Mon 6 April @ 14.26

An interesting article from Bishop Stephen Cottrell one of the contributors to our Daily Worship resources and soon to be Archbishop of York.  Click Here 

Mon 6 April @ 08.40

Daily Worship for today, Monday, is here.  Walking the Way of the Cross, today Jesus carries the cross.
Also, if you would like to experience a different Lenten Pilgrimage this Holy Week as well, why not tune in to Radio 4 at 9.45 each morning to hear ‘The Passion in Plants’.

  KiT 80Sun 5 April @ 12.10

Many thanks to Simon, Sarah, Matilda and Elliott for our Bible Reading today.  If you didn't catch the service live, you can find it HERE.  Scroll in the first 15 minutes or so for the start of the service.

Next Sunday we want to have a virtual Easter Egg Hunt, since we can't do the real thing.  Please send a photo of a hidden Easter Egg to Helen on teamrector@stmatthews ky6,org by Friday.   Thank you! 

KiT 80Sat 4 April @ 09.31

Daily Worship for Saturday is here.  Walking the Way of the Cross today, Jesus is scourged and crowned with thorns.


KiT 80Fri 3 April

Click here for Friday's Daily Worship as we come to Jesus being judged by Pilate.

We prayed for:
Egmont Road
Egmont Avenue and Inglewood Mews
Ellerton Road

Also a couple of good resources for families.  You could try Engage at Home  for a daily act of worship suitable for the children and do check out Southwark Diocese's website which has good links from the front page. 


KiT 80Thurs 2 April @ 17.18

A lovely picture for the 'clapforourcarers' from Tolworth School last week.   If you're out there tonight, please also be clapping for all the Care Homes in the parish and especially our good friends at Woodbury. 

tolworth rainbow

Following on from the post this morning about volunteering (see below), the RS&G are looking for minibus drivers to help transport workers to avoid the risks of travelling on public transport.  If you already have the appropriate qualification - please get in touch with Helen at

2 April @ 10.42

Will has done some great research into where we might volunteer or donate money or goods locally: 

Kingston Council are looking for volunteers to help in a variety of roles - click here:

Surbiton Coronavirus Community Response Group is looking for volunteers, and also offering support to those who need it. Here is their volunteer registration form

Voices of Hope are a central food distribution point for people in need of food deliveries. You can donate here

Kingston Food Bank is collecting at Waitrose in Surbiton and other locations. There's an up to date list of what they need here

Kingston Food Bank is also currently looking for volunteer drivers:  Click here

Surbiton Children's Centre is open for key workers. It has started a foodbank for local families in need. They are collecting any extra nappies, toiletries, rice, pasta, tinned food, biscuits, eggs, cereals and toilet paper. Easy to drop off on your daily exercise!
Alpha Road, Surbiton, KT5 8RS    020 8390 2555

Kingston Hospital Charity is helping support NHS staff. You can make a donation here.

Thanks Will!

2 April @ 09.40

The fourth day of Walking the way of the Cross with Jesus today brings us to Peter denying Jesus.  Listen here.

We also prayed for: 
Derby Road
Ditton Road  
Douglas Road

KiT 80Wed 1 April @ 14.10

Palm Sunday is this Sunday. It was suggested in last's week's service that children may like to have drawings of a happy and a sad/angry face to hand (perhaps either side of a paper plate if available) ready for the service.   Wendy (you can take the Scramblers away from the leader but you can't stop the leader being creative) Richmond has produced this template which may help the less artistic amongst us.

200401 Faces

Also another craft challenge.  Our palm crosses are stuck somewhere in Kingston so why not make your own.  Have a look at these - made from reed, rosemary and knitting (thanks Gaynor) - and come up with your own.  Again if you can send pictures to Helen in advance we can all see them at the service on Sunday but in any event you will have one ready to hold high and wave on Sunday! 

200401 Palm crosses

And if you're a knitter with time on your hands and want to knit 6 inch squares (30 stitches  size 8 needles and double knitting wool) plain or striped to make colour blankets for Mission Without Borders get knitting and Marilyn will be happy to receive them at some stage.

Finally as the first Sunday of the month we will be celebrating April birthdays - any you want to tell us about?  Let Helen know.

1 April @ 09.22

Today we are  with Jesus as he is condemned by the Sanhedrin in our Daily Act of Worship in Passiontide.

We also prayed for: 
Birchington Road 
Corkran Road and Hailsham Close
Cotterill Road
Dennan Road